A Hacker Appears

Using an out-of-date and vulnerable plugin,
a hacker gains access to your WordPress admin.



You Are Warned

Instantly, you receive a text message.
You send a reply reading "panic".



Your Blog Is Secured

Your admin section shuts down, displaying a
convincing PHP error until you can secure your site.


  • Get Instant Warnings

    Know the instant someone untrusted accesses your WordPress admin section.


  • Control Your Blog From Anywhere

    Disable and restore access to your WordPress Admin section with simple, quick text messages.


Wordpress is popular. Hackers love popular.

WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world. Millions of blogs run on the WordPress platform, including many Fortune 500 companies. This means that when a hacker discovers a vulnerability in WordPress, he discovers a vulnerability in millions of blogs, including many high-value targets.

That kind of vulnerability is valuable. Hackers can sell their newly-found vulnerability for lots of money, or pass it around freely to build their reputation in the hacking community. Only very rarely will they keep it to themselves.

News of a new vulnerability spreads fast in the hacker community. Faster than in the WordPress security community, and definitely faster than most users can update their installations. And the hackers aren't done.

Armies of hackerbots.

The hackers have a secret weapon: automation. Once a new vulnerability is found, they can create automatic scripts to test if a blog is vulnerable, and then can run hundreds of these scripts at once, effectively scanning thousands or tens of thousands of blogs an hour!

By the time you've even heard there's an update for a security vulnerability, your site could have been hacked a dozen times over by automated hacker bots. So what's a poor blog owner to do?

PanicPress to the rescue!

Traditionally, once a hacker has access to your admin section, it's game over. They can change your content, deface your carefully-selected theme, or even install brand-new plugins and convert your site into an online store selling knockoff designer bags!

With PanicPress, even if they sneak past the username/password combination you've set up, they still need you to authorize them by cell phone before they get administration access. And that's not going to happen.

What about the hackerbots?

Getting attacked by dozens of hackerbots at once? Don't want to manually reject each one of them? Just text "panic" to the PanicPress phone number and your entire administration section will shut down. The rest of your blog stays online, but the part that the hackers want looks like it's suffered a tragic coding accident.

This gives you the time to get to a computer and figure out what's going on and why you've been hacked.

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